The Tire Society

The Tire Society was established with the Mission to disseminate knowledge and stimulate the innovation of tires as it pertains to tire science, engineering and technology. The Society fulfills it Mission through seminars, technical meetings and publication of the authoritative journal Tire Science and Technology.

The Journal presents its readers authoritative, critically-reviewed articles and provides its authors accessibility of their work in the permanent literature. Its Editorial Board consists of renowned scientists and engineers from around the world.

The Annual Meeting and Conference of the Tire Society is held each year in Akron, Ohio. It is attended by some 150 to 200 of the tire industry’s leading engineers, scientists and academics.

The Tire Society is a not-for-profit Ohio corporation managed by a duly elected Executive Board of Tire Industry professionals who serve on a volunteer basis. An Advisory Board composed of industry executives and members of academia provides advice and support to the Executive Committee to direct and support the mission of the Society.