Sponsorship puts your company in front of the Tire Industry’s most respected and influential experts, at our Annual Conference, while ensuring the critical work of the Tire Society continues to grow in the years to come.

Sponsorship Level S-Rated General T-Rated Bronze H-Rated Silver V-Rated Gold ZR-Rated Platinum
Number Available 1
Donation1 $750 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500 $5,000
Exclusive mention in dedicated mailing to potential registrants X
Downloadable PDF and link attendees can follow from Go2Meeting to text or video chat X X X
Content played during breaks 2 min – 2 out of 5 days 2 min – 3 out of 5 days 2 min – all 5 days (Last) 3 min -all 5 days (First)
Ad or Profile with Hypertext Link in Conference program3 1/6 page ¼ page ½ page 1 full page
Complimentary Conference Registration 1 2 3 4
Logo2 in Conference Mailings/Newsletters/Social Media and shown in Conference Slide Deck X X X X X
Logo on Tire Society Website Conference Page X X X X X
Conference Attendee List X X X X X
Logo in Conference program4 X X X X X

1 In-kind sponsorships are also available and shall be done by special arrangement. Commensurate full or partial benefits will be provided for in-kind donations, such as Award and Student Paper Sponsorship, promotional materials and advertisements.

2 Content location as last during break alternates between days if more than one V-Rated sponsor.

3 Any content for the Program (advertisement or written profile) must be provided to the Tire Society at tst@allenpress.com by August 1st to allow adequate time to prepare the program

4 Sponsors shall supply The Tire Society at tst@allenpress.com with logos suitable for use in electronic media and printed matter soon after making their sponsorship donation.

Contact the Tire Society at tst@allenpress.com regarding any special requests regarding your sponsorship.