39th Annual Meeting and Conference on Tire Science and Technology

NEW DATES! September 28 – October 2, 2020 – Virtual Conference

2020 Conference Theme: Intelligent Transportation

The abstract deadline was 31 July 2020 and we are no longer accepting submissions.

Abstract Submission Extended Deadline July 31, 2020

Paper Submission Extended Deadline September 1, 2020

The Tire Society welcomes interested individuals to its 39th Annual Tire Science and Technology Meeting and Conference – the scientific professional organization for the tire industry. This annual meeting is a forum for researchers, users, policymakers, students, and advocates to learn about innovations that will drive our industry in years ahead. By effectively communicating our knowledge and research we can change practices and policies at all levels. The conference will include:

  • A Keynote address by Chris Helsel, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
  • A Plenary lecture by Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni, Professor at The Ohio State University and Ford Motor Company Chair in Electromechanical Systems
  • Panel discussions
  • Technical paper presentations
  • Networking Opportunities

Students and Young Professionals – You Are Our Future!

The TS&T Annual Meeting provides unique opportunities to gain experience, develop leadership skills, and network with people who share your professional passion. We encourage students and young professionals to submit proposals. The best paper submitted by a full-time university student will receive a cash prize. More information on the Student Paper requirements and submission process can be found HERE.

Papers are Being Accepted in the Following Areas:

  • Tire Industry Trends Regulations & Standards, Autonomous/Shared Vehicles, Next Generation Mobility, Sustainable Material Sourcing
  • Tire Materials Polymers, Cords, Steel, Green & Cured Rubber, Material Characterization Tire Lifecycle
  • Emerging Technologies Smart Tires, RFID, Sensors, Tire Electronics, Non-pneumatic Tires
  • Tire/Vehicle System Vehicle Dynamics and Stability, Ride, Harshness, Rollover, Pull, Uniformity
  • Tire Performance Durability, Rolling Resistance, F&M, Simulation, Testing, Tire Design
  • Tire Road Interaction Friction, Noise, Wear, Tire Effects on Pavement
  • Data Analytics and “Big Data” Tire/Vehicle Performance, Materials/Lab Data, Simulation Results, Manufacturing Processes and Intelligent Factory
  • Virtual Design Constitutive Models, Tire Modeling and Model Characterization, Virtual Prototyping

Proposal Formats

Individual Paper and Oral Presentation: Individuals or small groups of authors are encouraged to submit abstract proposals for papers whose content could be conveyed in 15-20 minutes (including a question/answer period). Paper presentations will be grouped into sessions with a common topic or theme. The Tire Society will provide a moderator for each session. Please be aware that paper presentations will be given priority and oral presentations will be exempt from award considerations.

Panel Presentation: Small groups of authors are encouraged to submit 2-4 distinct but thematically linked presentation proposals as part of a panel discussion session. Presentations would be 5-10 minutes each, followed by a panel of presenters. Panel presentations will be reviewed as a group. The Tire Society will provide a moderator for each session.

Poster Presentation: Individuals or groups of authors are encouraged to submit proposals for interactive poster presentations in which they can to discuss their work with conference participants. Poster proposals will also be peer-reviewed.

Individual Paper, Oral and Poster Presentations: Abstract Submittal Instructions

Step 1: Fill out and sign the The Tire Society Copyright License Agreement. This can be signed electronically.

Step 2: Ensure that the Abstract is at least 150 words and meets the style conventions below:

“A Commented Synopsis of the Report of the Committee for Functional Differentiation of Manuscripts”

John Q. Author1, Thomas Writewell2, and Michael J. Researchman3

This document provides an example of the formatting conventions that should be used when preparing papers for submission to the Tire Society. The length of each abstract should be between 100 and 300 words.

The abstract should explain the background leading to the research and the reasons why the work is important. It should describe the work that was done, along with any significant related prior work. It should list particular challenges or accomplishments. Finally, it should include appropriate descriptive words that will help researchers to locate the manuscript in a search.

Abstracts and titles are the primary items considered by the conference committee in determining which papers will be presented at the conference. So, writing an effective abstract is important.

1 My Tire Company, LLC, 123 N. Anystreet Rd., Akron, Ohio 44301-2345, Email: myemail@university.edu – CORRESPONDING AUTHOR

2 Learnwell University, Hometown, KS 67999-5432

3 Independence Consulting, Inc. 423 Main St. Underwood, MA 12345-9654

Step 3: Email the Abstract and the Transfer of Copyright Agreement to conference@tiresociety.org.

For a Panel Presentation, the submission should include:

  • Title of your session – the title should reflect the overall theme of this panel.
  • Desired presentation type (Panel) – please note that selecting this option, does not guarantee that your proposal will be accepted as a panel. The Tire Society reserves the right to reorganize the panels.
  • Authors (full names, degrees, affiliation).
  • Titles and abstracts of individual presentations in this panel (e.g., three brief abstracts). The entire proposal cannot exceed 500 words.

Information for Authors


Abstracts of papers intended for presentation should be submitted by July 31, 2020. Abstracts should observe style conventions as exemplified in Tire Science and Technology. Use the example abstract found above as a template for submission. Abstracts must be submitted through email to the conference chair. – conference@tiresociety.org. No submissions will be accepted via regular postal mail. Please note that abstracts may be edited for publication on the Society’s web site and in the conference abstract booklet for grammar and to provide consistent style.

NOTE: Please indicate in your email whether the manuscript is a student paper or a regular paper. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by August 15, 2020. Please contact the Program Chairman if you have not heard back from him by mid August, 2020.

Authors of accepted papers are expected to submit a manuscript, contact and biographical information by September 1, 2020. See sections below to submit a manuscript.

Speaker Information

Speakers are allotted 15 minutes for conference presentation. Speakers will receive an email with a login and password to the repository for uploading presentation files after their abstract is accepted. Upload all pertinent files movies, audio, PowerPoint files to the folder with corresponding last name no later than September 1, 2020. Check this space later for updates on speaker information.

Paper Achievement Awards

Paper presentations are judged for Superior Paper and Honorable Mention Awards. A special Superior Student Paper Award of $500 will be given to the best paper authored by a university student. More information about the student paper can be found here. To be eligible for awards, the abstract and paper must be submitted by the deadlines.

Manuscript of Paper

All presenters are expected to submit a journal-quality manuscript for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Tire Science and Technology. Final paper manuscripts must be submitted online by September 1, 2020, unless prior arrangements have been made with the program chair. To be eligible for awards, papers must be submitted by September 1, 2020.

Only papers not previously published will be accepted, and authors must agree not to publish elsewhere the primary content of a paper submitted to and accepted by the Society.

Order of Assembly

Title page (including the authors’ complete mailing address)

Abstract and keywords

Body of manuscript


List of table titles, followed by tables

List of figure captions followed by figures


Manuscripts of submitted papers should observe style conventions as exemplified in Tire Science and Technology. See the Tire Society website for more information.

SI units should be used throughout the text and on the figures; authors may include other units in parentheses.

Manuscripts must be double-spaced and must follow the conventions used in the example manuscript provided here.

Manuscript Submission Instructions

Step 1: Register at site https://www.editorialmanager.com/TireScienceTech/default.aspx

Step 2: Login to the site.

Step 3: Upload the Manuscript as either a Microsoft Word or LaTeX document.

Continue the process by following the instructions on the webpage.

Contact Information

For questions about the conference, please contact:

Meysam Khaleghian
Program Chairman
conference@tiresociety.org or khaleghian@txstate.edu

Matthew Schroeder
Program Co-Chairman

Gobi Gobinath
Program Co-Chairman

For questions about The Tire Society, please contact tst@allenpress.com.